Our Surgeons at RGVO understand that knees are sensitive and require close attention when a problem exists. We also understand that you use your knee every time you take a step. From the simplest actions, like squatting for the morning paper or going for a run; you put wear and tear on your knee. As a result of constant use: pain and stiffness may arise. Complications may also develop due to chronic illness or a bad injury. If not treated properly, your knee may eventually require a total replacement. Although it sounds intimidating, it does not have to be. There are many benefits that you can achieve from replacing your injured knee. Benefits such as increased leg strength, halting or greatly reducing joint pain, and most importantly; improvement in your quality of life.

Is Surgery Right for You? Surgery may be the best option if your doctor has recommended certain medications to reduce your knee pain. You may have even had minor surgery performed (arthroscopy) to help. If those efforts don’t suffice, total joint replacement may be the next step for you. To find out if this is the case, your surgeon will evaluate your knee with full exams and X-Rays.

Your Knee Surgery – Before the surgery, you’ll be asked to not to eat or drink anything after midnight. Once you arrive at the hospital, some simple lab tests will be performed. Once the surgical team is ready to begin the procedure, you will be taken into the operating room. To begin, you will be given anesthesia. The surgeon will then make an incision on the front or side of your knee. Any damage that is identified will be cleaned away, and the new joint is put into that place. The incision is then closed with staples or stitches.

Your Recovery – After surgery, you’ll be kept for recovery. You will be closely monitored and given pain medications. You will be fitted with a catheter and a drain in your knee. A specialized machine, CPM (continuous passive motion), may be used on your knee to keep it from stiffening up. After you wake from the anesthesia, you’ll be moved to your own room. For proper pain management, please answer as honestly as possible when questioned about pain levels. Soon after your surgery, specially trained therapists will begin to work with you.
It will be your responsibility to continue using the techniques they teach you for recovery. As you continue these exercises you will experience a quick and safe recovery.


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