Why is it important to get your knee pain evaluated by a specialist? The knee is the body’s largest joint. At the knee joint, three bones meet the tibia, the femur, and the patella. The knee is a “hinge” joint, allowing the leg to bend in only one direction. The knee supplies strength and is the impact point in your legs for running, squatting, jumping, and turning. The knee has a limited range of motion compared to the rest of your joints with almost no ability to rotate. Your knee is a complex system of supportive and moving parts, including bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments all meet at the knee joint– each of which is subject to injury or disease. Because of this, treatment of knee-related injuries and disorders requires a specialized set of skills and experience.

Physical Examination - Our knee pain doctors will ask you a series of questions. Closely examine your knee and run a few simple tests to ensure you are a good candidate for this knee pain treatment.

Knee Injection – Once the doctors have concluded their research, they will apply the specially formulated injection into your knee.

Your Recovery –After treatment is provided you will go through a series of physical and electrotherapy with our specialists to ensure a speedy and effective recovery.


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