Knee problems affect a large percentage of today’s society. Many of these problems begin after a twist, blow, and/or overuse; such as repeated squatting. These knee problems can be assessed as structural weakness or a natural part of aging. Whatever your case may be, many are often successfully diagnosed and treated with arthroscopy. At RGVO, our surgeons take pride in carefully tending to knee problems and helping our patients get back on their way. Our surgeons use arthroscopy as a technique to allow them to see clearly inside your knee, using small incisions.

Your Evaluation – Before any sort of surgery takes place, your surgeon will evaluate your knee to diagnose your problem. As part of the evaluation, all areas of your medical history will be considered. X-Rays will help your surgeon diagnose any possible cracks or breaks within the bones, as well as helping to detect abnormal bone structures and arthritis.

Your Procedure – Lab tests may be required before admission, and you will be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight the day before. At the beginning of the procedure, you will receive an anesthetic. It will make you sleep (general anesthesia), numb you from the waist down (spinal anesthesia), or just numb your knee (local anesthesia). Your surgeon will then make a few incisions in your knee. Sterile fluid is inserted through an incision to expand your knee. Your surgeon can then determine the type and extent of damage that has been done to your knee.

Your Recovery – After surgery, you will spend a brief time in recovery. During that time, ice packs (to reduce swelling) and pain medication will be administered. Since arthroscopy only requires small incisions, you can expect less scarring, pain, and most often a quick recovery. Once you’re cleared to return home, you will be advised to keep your activity level low to allow time for your knee to heal completely. Once you have completed physical therapy and rehabilitation, you’ll be cleared to resume your normal activities.


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